What is a Root Canal?

There is a narrow passageway in your teeth; this is called a root canal. These passageways contain a pulp substance composed of blood vessels, nerves, and soft tissue. Cracking or chipping your tooth is never fun; this damage creates a gateway for bacteria to enter and damage the pulp. At Uptown Dental, we can provide you with a safe and comfortable experience for your root canal!

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Save Your Teeth

With a high success rate, root canal therapy can save your teeth. This procedure can save your natural tooth when the inner structures are damaged, and clipping or cracking a tooth can allow bacteria to enter the pulp. If you have damaged your tooth, call us at Uptown Dental, and we can analyze if a root canal is suitable.

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How Root Canals are Beneficial

Why get a root canal? Rather than replacing your tooth with a dental implant, it will appear the same as before your root canal. Root canal procedures may not require another treatment and may last forever. Avoiding dental implants keeps your smile natural and continues to allow the sensation of biting usually. After getting a root canal, your tooth will not be able to feel temperature or pain but will still maintain the same strength when biting. Getting a root canal has a short treatment process; here at Uptown Dental, we ensure you are comfortable throughout the entire visit!

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Root Canal Symptoms

  • Persistent Pain
    • Pain in your tooth that is persistent or comes and goes from time to time may be a sign you need a root canal.
    • The pain is felt in the bone of your tooth, face, jaw, or other teeth.
  • Sensitive to Heat or Cold
    • It could feel like a sharp pain or a dull ache when consuming hot or cold food. If this pain lingers even when you are not eating or drinking, this could be a sign you need a root canal.
  • Tooth Discoloration
    • The infected pulp could cause your tooth to change color.
  • Chipped or Cracked Tooth
    • Bacteria could set into a tooth that has been cracked or chipped, resulting in inflammation and infection.
    • A chipped or cracked tooth can also damage the nerves; a root canal could be your solution.

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