Crowns and Veneers

At Uptown Dental, we can assist in restoring your missing, chipped, or heavily restored teeth using new technological advancements. Crowns and veneers are different; veneers use thin porcelain to cover the front of the tooth; whereas crowns replace the tooth entirely. We will use a crown or veneer depending on the tooth and its state, returning your smile to normal.

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become yellow, stained, or fade over time; coffee, wine, and tobacco are just some causes. Uptown Dental provides teeth whitening services that can boost your confidence. This procedure offers long-lasting results and requires a short treatment period. After leaving our office, your smile will be instantly whiter and brighter!

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Do you need to replace a missing or removed tooth? Dentures could be the option for you. Dentures are artificial teeth and gums which look and feel natural. Dentures have many benefits, such as decreased pain from problem teeth. Your oral health and the appearance of your smile will improve, giving you confidence. Dentures will help to support your facial structure and act like regular teeth. They are solid and capable of chewing and breaking down foods. Book an appointment today and find the perfect set for you.

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Veneers and Crown Pros

Your restoration will depend on your situation, at Uptown we want to ensure you see positive results with either your crown or veneer.

Veneer Pros

  • More of the natural tooth is saved because veneers require less filing.
  • They are more cosmetically pleasing, veneers don't show as much gum margin and crowns do after several years.
  • No movement in the teeth with veneers

Crown Pros

  • They look and feel like a natural tooth even though they are made of porcelain.
  • The entire surface of your tooth is covered which protects it from decaying.
  • Crowns are permanent, and don't need to be removed for cleaning.

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