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We can extend a tooth's life and save the strength of your smile. Our Uptown team can help restore your teeth using a crown or a bridge. We want to ensure your smile is healthy; crowns and bridges each play a different role in repairing damaged teeth and keeping your smile beautiful! Book an appointment today to discuss your teeth health and which steps you need to take to preserve your smile!

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When your tooth is damaged, we can fully encase it to ensure it is protected. With these crowns, the comfort and health of your teeth will improve. Crowns improve the damage that is too big for a filling. Crowns are a long-lasting treatment that can improve oral health and smile, providing coverage on the entire tooth surface; a crown will protect it from decaying. After you receive your crown, you will be able to chew and eat properly, unbothered by the damaged tooth. When you get a crown, your tooth will look and feel natural. Crowns do not require removal for cleaning as they are permanent. Book your appointment today at Uptown Dental; we ensure all of our patients are welcome and comfortable during their visit!

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Are there any gaps in your smile due to missing teeth? If yes, a bridge might be perfect for you! Bridges can help keep your teeth in place and prevent further problems that may be caused by the gaps or shifting of the teeth. Getting dental bridges can also prevent gum disease or tooth decay. Book your appointment today, and we can discuss your options.

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Crown vs. Bridge

Time for a Crown

  • A broken or fractured tooth
  • Fractured fillings
  • Decayed Teeth

Time for a Bridge

  • Missing a tooth
  • Experiencing speech issues
  • Trouble eating or chewing food

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